Your energy portfolio. Optimised.

Holistic energy portfolio analytics and procurement for governments and large enterprises. Real savings for consumers and small businesses.

At Energetica, we believe that optimising procurement and energy efficiency across your enterprise doesn’t have to be complicated.

We believe that an enterprise energy management platform should provide clear and actionable financial predictions and insights, and not just a bunch of charts and graphs.

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3,301 sitesanalysed across 3 international markets^
2 in 3 siteswith savings
43%of total costs avoided
^ Australia: NEM, WEM; United States: ERCOT On average across all sites

What can you do with the Energetica platform?

Forecast the outcome of energy solution investments across your whole portfolio simultaneously and find savings hidden inside your smart meter data.

Build a complete picture of your organisation’s future energy expenditure and objectively evaluate energy offers against your business’s actual usage, comprising every component, including retail, market, distribution environmental and metering fees.

Create, compare, and execute our AI-powered energy solution investment plans, including solar, LED, PPAs, PFC, battery storage, and more, to see whether an energy efficiency investment is truly right for you.

Use our platform together with your expertise to advise and assist your stakeholders and customers in making better energy efficiency and sustainability investments.

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